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3dfx Sites

Voodoo Extreme: Known around the world and then some for it's unique style of reporting. A very comprehensive site about 3dfx cards and video cards in general. One of the sites that I tend to check out daily.
Operation 3dfx: Another major comprehensive 3dfx site.
Voodoo Power:
3dfx Mania: All the files you need...
3dfx Brotherhood: A group of people who feel strongly about their 3dfx cards
Voodoo Guru:

Quake Sites

Blue's News: The best Quake II news site out there
Planet Quake: An extremely good Quake II Megasite.
Zansin's GLDojo: A great news site about GLQuake/GLQuake II.

Hardware Sites

Tom's Hardware Guide: One of the really comprehensive sites about hardware
Anand's Hardware Tech Page: One of the other really comprehensive sites about hardware.
3Dgen: A comprehensive news site for 3D cards
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