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Welcome to WireWorld. It serves no other major purpose to waste the Wirehead's time, entertain, and let you know a little bit about the Wirehead.

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Moving to a leadership role doesn't mean you won 2014-10-07 03:37AM
While I was in the midst of transitioning from a software developer to a manager of software development, I was sitting in a Belgian bar drinking beer with a British gentleman on vacation who managed hotels. And so we got to talking about what it meant to be the boss outside of considerations of programmers, programming languages, wait staff, and housekeepers. I asked him what would happen if he tried to hire someone who had never worked in a hotel to manage one and he explained the disaster that would be. It's pretty much the same disaster you get if you hire someone with no software experience ever to manage a team of software developers...
Littlechef and the great refactoring of the personal infrastructure 2014-09-08 02:08PM
One of my favorite DevOps thought leaders thinks I'm nuts. He's right. People should not run their own mail infrastructure, monitoring infrastructure, or DNS infrastructure. On the other hand I kinda started doing it a long time ago and it's worked out pretty well for me, so why should I change?
Every single piece of bike gear I buy ends up with a broken power button and it's getting old 2013-12-19 11:02AM
Most of America has a bike. And, expensive or cheap, it usually lives in the garage on rubber-coated hooks and gets pulled out on random sunny days and then forgotten about the rest of the time. But then there's a small percentage of the population out there, which I'm part of, that rides their bikes all the time, rain or shine, and gets real stuff done on their bikes, like commuting to work and buying groceries. To do this safely requires a few pieces of electronic hardware. Some people, like myself, ride a bit more than that. And, at least for me, I've found something really annoying in all of the biking gear I've owned...
Dissembled dreams... or the 6th Bike-a-versary 2013-06-24 10:20AM
One of my coworkers asked me the other day, immediately before tea-time, if I had always been bike-obsessed like this or if it was a new thing. And, given that I was fetching the teacups for teatime, I had to say that no, there's a bike-a-versary, it's coming up, and I'll explain the long story later, but it's just about time for tea and my response wouldn't fit in the time allotted. And I thought about that and realized it's quite a long story and that I might as well write it down.
Monomaniacal littlechef: launching cloud servers, user cookbook, nagios cookbook, and DNS 2013-05-19 05:33PM
I'm on a monomaniacal littlechef quest at home. See, I burned a weekend helping a friend set up her chef and vagrant infrastructure some months ago. And I wrote about it. And I figured that it would eventually get back to it and re-do all of my servers. Then I spent some time in sysadmin hell and ended up needing to re-construct my sites from the backups and realized that now was the time to fix this.
The tumblr of my mind... or... katas of more than one artistic pursuit 2013-05-10 11:29PM
One of my coworkers joked that he'd really love to see a tumblr of "What's on Ken's mind". Because people get used to the idea that there's usually a bunch of stuff working it's way through my brain at the same time and that if I mention what I did lately outside of work in conversation, there's this endless cycle of strange things that I will mention doing. I'm eventually going to get to something I'm looking to try doing, but I'm going to get there through a circuitous route so that you can actually understand a complete set of thoughts...
The frustration that is trying to do DRM-free eBooks legally 2012-10-22 01:52PM
I've kinda come to terms with buying eBooks instead of physical books, even though there are a lot of archivist implications involved that bug me. However, I still heavily dislike the use of DRM, so I want to avoid this as much as possible. And this turns out to be tricky...
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