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How the PC hardware market has changed in the past 5 years...
I've mostly ignored the hardware market for the past 5 years... until my desktop started acting up, which then caused an unplanned 2-week project to get my computer going. It all ended well. I didn't even need to resort to my BackBlaze backup...
The YOU-CAN-SPAM act of 2003
Every time I think that there's hope for our average congressmen, that they won't be little cheating weasels who are bought by the highest bidder, they prove to me that all they care about is lobbyists.
Now that I have my email address scrambled, I can track things. I've made a number of observations...

Agreed. I'd add that disk brake pads wear out in 700 - 900 miles. That's a month for a commuter like me. I rode my Schwinn Mesa's caliper brakes for 20 years without a thought.


Interesting. I've got a Dawes hybrid and I don't like the flat bar. I used to have a bike with drops and would like to go back to them, but it's hard trying to figure out brake and gear levers without re-engineering or spending a lot. You've obviously put a bit of thought into it all. Food for thought.

A decade of biking
I've got a calendar reminder every where to remind me of when I bought a Fuji bike and started riding my bike everywhere. Why? Because things have been this great crazy adventure, ever since. It was one of those decisions that had long-lasting impact forwards, so much so that I divide life into "before bikes" and "after bikes". And yesterday was the bikeaversary.