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I am a techie who has rejected the Cyberpunk revulsion with 'The Meat' 2014-11-21 04:59PM
If you look at the chart of the percentages of women in the CS program, there's a blip that starts in 1984 and continues to now, where women left the field in droves. I am starting to think that this wave, which I can probably consider myself a part of, was a larger change that started in the late 70s with the first personal computers in the house, the creation of cyberpunk so that we can ask questions about it in a literary fashion, the revolution of having normal people on the computer networks, and today. We were the first group of people who were really able to hack with computers on our own terms. I read Neuromancer in early grade school, and that was not really an appropriate age for me to have read it. But I was, albeit with my usual ability to not quite fit in anywhere, a larval geek who lived in a cocoon of hacker culture and cyberpunk books and the jargon file...
Illnesses of the non-visible sort 2014-11-14 04:42PM
Since Sept 19th or so, I've had a series of colds with a little bit of 'normal' time but then it comes back. This has meant some working from home and some times where I had conversations at work that I wasn't fully present for.
The tumblr of my mind... or... katas of more than one artistic pursuit 2013-05-10 11:29PM
One of my coworkers joked that he'd really love to see a tumblr of "What's on Ken's mind". Because people get used to the idea that there's usually a bunch of stuff working it's way through my brain at the same time and that if I mention what I did lately outside of work in conversation, there's this endless cycle of strange things that I will mention doing. I'm eventually going to get to something I'm looking to try doing, but I'm going to get there through a circuitous route so that you can actually understand a complete set of thoughts...
The frustration that is trying to do DRM-free eBooks legally 2012-10-22 01:52PM
I've kinda come to terms with buying eBooks instead of physical books, even though there are a lot of archivist implications involved that bug me. However, I still heavily dislike the use of DRM, so I want to avoid this as much as possible. And this turns out to be tricky...
A few thoughts on Yahoo and Microsoft's respective troubles 2012-07-22 07:04PM
When I was working at Yahoo!, Microsoft tried to acquire Yahoo!. And I generally thought of it as a bad idea. At the time, my feelings were that if the deal went through, it would almost certainly mean the end of both companies... and I wasn't too interested in working for Microsoft.


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