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About Fishnet

Fishnet is a feature-filled upgrade to the traditional Wires shader. In Fishnet, you can have more than 30 wires, and the wires can be diagonal.

Fishnet was written in the span of about 6 hours by Ken Wronkiewicz because he was tired of dealing with the grid shader.

System Requirements

Everything that Carrara 2.0 requires, plus Carrara 2.0.

To use Fishnet

Once Fishnet is properly installed, you should be able to select it in the texturing room. It's mostly self-explanitory, "# Horizontal" controls the number of horizontal lines, "# Vertical" controls the number of vertical lines, "V Size" controls the size of the vertical lines, "H size" controls the size of the horizontal lines. "Diagonal" rotates the grid by approximately 45 degrees. "Exact Degrees" makes sure that the grid is rotated by exactly 45 degrees when "Diagonal" is checked. You can get some interesting results when it's turned off.


Fishnet is provided without any warranty or claims of workability. Use at your own risk. We accept no liability for any losses incurred with the use of this software.

Fishnet may be used, free of charge, with any Carrara-based rendering projects.


Carrara 3.0

Fishnet 1.0 for PC

Fishnet 1.0 for MacOS 9

Fishnet 1.0 for MacOS X

Carrara 2.0

Fishnet 1.0 for PC

Fishnet 1.0 for MacOS 9

Fishnet 1.0 for MacOS X

Version history

Version 1.0: Thanks to Eric Winemiller for spotting the only bug so far and also building the mac version for me.

Version 0.9: Initial preview release

Page design and layout Copyright 2002, Ken Wronkiewicz.
Logo image made by Ken Wronkiewicz using Carrara 2.0, Fishnet, and Photoshop.