The story of how I came to buy a UPS without budgeting for it

One interesting thing that Sunnyvale did that none of the other cities I’ve lived in recently has done is provide a registry of neighborhoods. You can go online and each named neighborhood has the option of setting up a community association and webpage.

So there’s a yahoogroup for my neighborhood. And upon joining it, I discovered that the power in our new place is said to be a little less reliable than it ought to be. I commented to my wife that we really should get a UPS come wintertime, because there will be rainstorms and stuff and that’s what’s going to really effect power reliability.

And on Sunday, we were at Fry’s to pick up some Christmas presents and also to replace the Wifi access point that was bugging out. We walked in front of the UPS aisle and browsed them. And Mrs. Wirehead was thinking of grabbing the UPS I had already researched, but I didn’t want to bother until after Christmas, because we also just purchased a new MacBook.

I also jinxed the whole thing by doing that. Because yesterday there was a blackout. A tree fell and took out a line and they had to shut down our entire neighborhood. It was really earie biking home in the darkness.

So I had Mrs. Wirehead pick up one for the main desktop. I’ll get battery backups for the Linux box and the network equipment later…