I haven’t been blogging much lately here because almost all of my urge-to-spew-thoughts has been taken up by my urge to post to flickr and vox and wireheadarts.com.

One thing I learned from flickr is the value of community and also how much I post when it is easy to do so. The blogging engine behind this site is decidedly hackish.

I was working on Rm and preparing for the big cutover, but I ended up too distracted by other concerns to bother.

Meanwhile, the whole AJAX thing hit and hit hard. Oddly enough, it won’t change very much about Rm.

I have many stories to tell, but most of them only in private.

So, the current .plan is that, since I’m going to have to do another import anyway but have discovered that I’ve got some content that ought to be here, I might as well keep using the old blogging engine for the time being. I’m going to properly finish my current project, then dive back into finishing up Rm finally.