Observations since turning 30

Observations since turning 30
  1. The best software really is as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  2. Abstractions really do leak. I found this out while running out of CPU on a network switch and finding out that a NIC chipset that works great for most everybody else doesn’t work for my software.
  3. If, on Hack Day, where we’re asked to write a piece of software in 24 hours to fix a problem, something really bugs the heck out of me, a brilliant solution for that problem is a great hack to write.
  4. Deep inside a pudgy, out-of-shape, non-sports-watching nerd, sometimes there is a skinny, muscular, non-sports-watching nerd.
  5. Regular exercise cures more than you think. Even stuff you didn’t realize was wrong.
  6. I don’t need a car nearly as much as I thought.
  7. I can’t stop biking for more than 2 days or else I turn into a basket case. Vacations need to include plans for how to get sufficient physical activity.
  8. Biking gear seems expensive when you look at the price tag in the store. But compared to the money I’m not spending on my car, it’s nothing.
  9. To eat an elephant, you start with a single piece. Then another. Eventually, you’ve eaten an elephant, all by yourself.
  10. I can ride over the mountains to the ocean and back on my bike.
  11. I can have sugar without it screwing up my blood sugar now that I’ve slimmed down.
  12. If I eat more fruits and veggies, I’ll eat less meat, pay less for groceries, lose weight, and feel much better.
  13. You can have a very healthy diet without buying a single product that advertises itself as low fat or high in antioxidants or the like.
  14. We were spending somewhere over $200 a month on things that, once we canceled them, we didn’t miss.
  15. Hiking is like 80s music.
  16. If you let them, your thirties can be what your twenties weren’t.