Some silly workplace stories

hold on. I just got into the geekroom. Let me take a hit off the soldering flux and then I’ll save the world in record time.

According to one of our support people, when she’s talking with me on IM at 6 AM because one of our servers (She’s operations, I’m the person who maintains the codebase that’s crashing) is acting up, some of my IM comments make her giggle loud enough that her husband wonders what the heck is going on.

I should note that the “make silly comment” section of my brain is so well developed (almost as much as the Star Trek encyclopaedia in my head) that I can fix issues before anybody actually notices something is wrong while still finding mental bandwidth to say something silly.

Here are some examples of silly phrases being used at work:

Macaroni Device
It's a piece of network hardware made by Marconi. I've been trying to make sure that whenever I draw a network diagram, I draw it as a piece of macaroni just to reinforce it.
"Happy little machine"
I wrote up some documentation at work. And I wrote it in my normal conversational tone, just in textual form, because I can generally crank out documentation quickly when I disengage the urge to write something scholarly. And so one of the servers we have in our network was referred to as a "happy little machine".
Bacon Bandaid Strip
We were fixing something temporarily. I taught my co-workers about bacon bandaids this way.