Yet another big re-sorting

So I’ve decided that, since I’m not actually using the as a social platform to find new links but mostly as a collector of things I’ve found while trying to figure something out via web searching or cool stuff I see linked from various blogs, there’s no reason not to move most of my bookmarks and all of my links on here.

There’s a sectionalization problem. See, I recognize that it’s much more fun to follow most blogs if they stick to a single topic. I love hacking, gizmos, photography, neon, cooking, music, and science fiction. If you just like photography and neon, it’s going to be fairly borring if you were to be subscribed to every single one of my feeds. But, at the same time, it helps to be able to not have to add fifty million RSS feeds with today’s interfaces.

I added a “tumblelog” to the site a while ago, but I’m starting to realize that it’s not the greatest of ideas. See, the links on my site are either things I want to talk about briefly as part of a blog or links that I think might be useful within a specific subject area. For Wirehead Arts, I fixed up the coding quirks that made it seem easier to put link content separate from blog content and

I’m pondering the notion of a “reblog” or “tumblelog”. See, I decided, for Wirehead Arts, to just implement a blog section that contains the current content of a “blog” but also has little links mixed in, which I like more.

I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing interesting is going on in the blogging market outside of blogging engines run on one’s own personal server, so I’m starting the great re-sort where I start moving all of my personal content around so that I’ve got a blog that starts in 2002 for personal stuff and a separate blog that starts a little later for hacking-related stuff.