Five random Thoughts

  1. I’ve upgraded my CMS to the latest version, now search works. Yay.
  2. —Insert black highlighter mark here —
  3. I feel like light aircraft pilots have a similar standard conversation that we cyclists have. “You fly small planes? Isn’t that unsafe?” “You bike to work? Isn’t that unsafe?“.
  4. I don’t know what training like an Olympian or competing like an Olympian or anything like that is like. I do know what doing laundry like an Olympian must be like. When I run a load of “technical fabrics” through the wash, you aren’t supposed to use fabric softener or dryer sheets because it’ll ruin the super-fancy properties of the fabrics. So, when I unload the dryer, there is an amazing amount of static electricity to be had.
  5. I had a Sausage McMuffin the other day because we were running low on time. I remember when I used to think they tasted good. Now, they are just bland compared to my homemade sausage and homemade bread and fancy selection of cheeses.