Five random Thoughts

  1. If it wasn’t rude and insensitive, when they had Valentine’s day cookies in the lunchroom, I’d have taken two and eaten them in front of the co-workers just to disprove the notion of me as a hardcore health nut who excludes those kinds of food from his diet.
  2. I’ve got a weird paranoid overcompensation behavior. Basically, I fear that I’ll read all of my books too fast and have nothing left new to read. Which demotivates me to do pleasurable reading at all of books I haven’t already read. This has been annoying me lately because the haven’t-yet-read list is getting too long. And ruining my enjoyment of reading.
  3. I didn’t realize just how much a cognative toxin those stupid advertisements before a movie had become. We were taking a friend’s kids to see Percy Jackson so she could troll MacWorld. The video projector was broken such that their usual advertisements wouldn’t play. And it was so nice to not have to look at all that crap out of the corner of your eye while teasing the goobers.
  4. For some odd reason, I watched this year’s Superbowl and this year’s Olympics. The last time I saw the Superbowl was nipplegate, and I found the newscasters showing Nodar Kumaritashvili on his deadly practice run from several angles, including the part where he went off the track, far more offensive.
  5. It used to be that when the power went out before you woke up, you were guaranteed to sleep in. These days, when the power goes out, you get woken up by an incessant series of alarm beeps from every piece of hardware with a battery backup.