Five random Thoughts

  1. Maybe I’m too analytical, but I feel like if you are going to use a factoid to make an argument, you really ought to make some vague attempts to verify that it’s true. For example, 70% of the interstate system is paid for by gas taxes and other “user fees”. However, local streets are generally paid for by an assortment of funding sources, of which it’s usually only half paid for by gas taxes. Yet I hear endless repeats that cyclists don’t pay for the roads they use because they are entirely funded by gas taxes. Or maybe I just feel stupid when I get corrected on something that requires five minutes of research to disprove and nobody else does.
  2. Inkscape is getting awfully good, for an open source program. For some reason I gut the urge to make some vague efforts to play with vector art of late and upgraded my copy and it’s actually starting to feel like the right features are largely present. This largely makes me want to acquire a laptop and a graphics tablet (or a laptop with a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet screen) and go to a figure drawing session. Which has the decided risk of really creeping out everybody else present. I think.
  3. Everybody considers me to eat a “super healthy” diet because they always see me having a giant green salad for lunch. Given that I like the taste of salad without excessive amounts of dressing and the overall caloric density of lettuce and carrots and whatnot, I can stuff my face with a giant salad and eat astonishing few calories. They then don’t notice what I am eating around 3PM because I’m hungry and how it’s generally not something generally regarded as “super healthy”. I’ve been giving much thought to how I can modify my behavior in such a way to mess with people’s heads. I think I need to start putting bacon on my salad or something.
  4. I went in to the doctor’s to have them check my knee and throat for two unrelated things that were concerning me. I then had them look at my charts to see how my blood pressure was trending because, the last time I was in, it hadn’t gone down substantially since my inactive and obese days. But now it’s firmly in the healthy range. The doctor was impressed with my progress, which probably means the next few patients coming in with even the vaguest hint of something that might be obesity-related, a few extra pounds, and a blood pressure on the high end of healthy is going to get a healthy lifestyle lecture instead of pills.
  5. Apparently it’s not OK for a manager to tell his underling that they look like crap.