Random Stories

I was told by a cow-orker that I don’t update often enough. So here’s some more random stories:

  • I really want a TV-B-Gone. If the guy who invented them wasn’t already a millionaire, I’d say he should be a millionaire.
  • I was recruiting for ye company at UCLA and then I visited various folks in LA. While in LA:
    • I explained to a recruiter that he didn’t have a 5% success rate (5% of the people he interviewed joined his company). He had a 95% success rate (he prevented 95% of the recruits from joining the company).
    • I discovered that LA has a little bit of mass transit that was actually useful. One bit and next to nobody seemed to know about it. Otherwise? Traffic and lots of it.
    • I was telling my brother and his wife what I’ve been up to lately. Until I realized that they had already heard the stories — they read a bunch of them on my site.
    • I played the good old game of “Hey, my friend has a new girlfriend! I bet he’ll really appreciate it when I go and try to scare her away!” while listening to some really good Jazz.
    • I tried yet again to convince the aforementioned friend, Mike, that some red fiestaware would fit perfectly into his kitchen decor and also tried to convince him to down an entire bottle of vodka so that I might use it (meaning the bottle) to make plasma art, among other suggestions for radical design changes to his house.
  • Oren’s next movie involves Boba Milk Tea. As a result, I’ve been feeling odd compulsions to drink it lately.
  • Also, speaking of Oren, I now have an IMDB entry. Oren and I were discussing this. Oren pointed out that, for a nerd who uses the Internet, having an entry on IMDB somehow justifies your moviemaking. And if you aren’t a nerd, you may not necessarily care as much. My pointy haired boss now has a Kevin Bacon number (as soon as the Oracle updates)
  • Furthermore, Oren announced that he’s quitting his day job to pursue movies full-time in LA.
  • The radio overloads at ClearChannel have decided that rock is on the way out. Or something. KSJO, the oldest rock station in town, is now apparently playing the Hispanic equivalent of moldy oldies, leaving us with no ”Mandatory Metallica” stations. 93.3 is also going to also become spanish-language. 92.7 lately became a “Energy” station, which means that they play some of the lame songs they played when they were “The Party” but add a collection of disco and other older lame stuff.
  • The problem of knowing how to do too many things struck again. We were at the “Temple of the Dead Cow”, properly called the House of Prime Rib, and they have these wheeled carts that they roll around, loaded with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach (Yes, they can even make spinach decidedly unhealthy). And I noticed that the quality of the welds holding it together was incredibly bad. It was a textbook case of how not to weld. Everybody else found it amusing, of course, that I’d point it out. I pointed that, when the revolution comes, I’ll be able to build tanks. So there. Sandy and Keith were both not present, so they were not able to renew their feud. Sandy is a little woman and Keith is a big guy. And Sandy can out-eat Keith.
  • I saw the Computer History Museum. It was incredibly awesome, for a crew of cow-orkers. We all spotted various computers from our past and traipsed down memory lane.

So, Mr. Boffardi, there’s an update. Don’t make me do something evil like make sure that the search term “Mark Boffardi Titty Bar” matches documents on Google.