Random Notes

  • A story that amuses me so much that it is worth telling, even anonymized: A certain individual, call him “Shorty”, who happens to be taller than I, has a girlfriend who is about the same height as my wife, who doesn’t even make it up to my shoulders.
    Said girlfriend’s father is a “head shrinker”. Apparently, after seeing the picture, the girlfriend’s parents tell her that she’s actually pretty average in height for a woman, offering all kinds of encouragement. She eventually squeezes it out of another family member that they think she’s overcompensating for being short.
  • I hooked up my scanner recently and I’ve been scanning pictures for the webpage. I’ve got some great stuff to post, too, that I just haven’t had time to put up.
  • A distorted picture of my neon is now taking on the picture of me with blue hair as the most popularly rudely-linked-to image on my website. It has appeared as the background pattern on two people’s blogs, which annoys the heck out of me. I’d be more than happy to give you a high-resolution version, without my email address in the corner, if you’d just ASK. sigh kids these days. At least they aren’t claiming that they are dating me. I hate that, especially when I’m made out to be a pot smoking looser. My wife really hates it.
  • Spammers still there, spidering addresses, and trying to guess who else would be at wirewd.com. Wow, it’s been 5 months since YOU-CAN-SPAM took effect and there’s been nary a dent.
  • Robot Stories has been held over for three extra weeks in San Francisco, so far. They were here for one week and stayed for four. Makes me happy that I managed to see it on the opening weekend and that I live in a city where these things happen.
  • Wicked, which my wife and I saw in a pre-broadway engagement, got 10 Tony nominations. Again, I’m glad that I live in a city where pre-broadway engagements happen.
  • Finally, a cute example of OS-tan: Troubled Windows. This amuses me greatly.