Random Stories

Organizing that stack o’ papers that you’ve been wanting to organize for the past year or so really sucks. Public service announcement: Sort your damn papers before they fill a crate! It’s not like anything crucially important had gone missing, but it was nice to have everything in the proper place.

I have some stuff to say about the new year, but I’ve been sorting so I haven’t been able to form a complete entry for them. So it’s back to the accumulation of silly-stories-that-are-too-short-for-their-own-entry:

  • You can really screw yourself up by being too much of a wise-guy. I usually would sarcastically tell my wife the wrong day (one day off) whenever she asked me what day her birthday was, on purpose. Now, I can’t remember which of the two possible days her birthday is when I really do need to know. Oops.
  • And speaking of being a wise-guy (or in this case wise-woman), I ran into a friend-of-a-friend who I was introduced to a few weeks ago at a party. She is on her way to being quoted in my webpage. I forgot her name, but I remembered her quote. Shows my priorities in life.
  • And speaking of misplaced priorities, I waited to leave for a party until MER Spirit had landed on Mars.
  • Weirdest weblog-related conversation so far. Someone has been communicating to me not via email, but through anonymous comments to my random comments on Slashdot. They pointed out a grammar problem in one of my entries. I went in and fixed it (given that I actually wrote an editor a few weekends ago, prior to that editing entries sucked). Then I get called an “ingrateful clod” for not saying thanks.
    Thus, to whoever you were, thanks for the error checking. Try using email next time because you are creeping me out right now. ;)