Random Notes

Random notes:

  • Mozilla Firebird actually rocks quite a bit. There’s no editor, mail, usenet, or pretty much anything else not directly related to the web browsing included. This works out quite well because I don’t use a HTML editor, and I’d rather have choice about the rest. Very nice.
  • I’ve started really taking advantage of MP3s and I’ve been converting all of my CDs. Astonishingly enough, I was able to get rid of quite a few pirated MP3s as I have subsequently purchased the album.
  • I read in miniAIR that some folks are trying to prove the Theory of Breakfast Similarity. (“Although most people want variety in their midday and evening meals, for breakfast they are content to eat the same thing day after day after day after day after day.“) Please say it isn’t so. Am I the only person left on this planet who likes variety and enjoyment in their breakfast? Maybe there’s something to be said for being conscious for breakfast.
  • Sculling rocks
  • Duran Duran rocks in concert, as does Seal and Liz Phair. I saw them all (And got a sunburn despite the sunblock — I’m way too much of a cave-dweller engineer) and had a good, albeit hot time. Apparently, Duran Duran haven’t lost their sex appeal, as they were able to coax several young ladies out of their tops in public.