Nokia N95, new Rm version, three hard drive crashes in a row

The Hard Drives

Id like to remind folks to keep backups. See, I’m in the midst of data hell and I only lost one night of sleep over it.

I have 2 drives that store my photos. P and Q. P was the first photo drive, a 300 gig Western Digital. Q is the other photo drive, a newer 500 gig Seagate that I got when P was full.

Now, I had purchased two drives… a 300 and a 500 gig, both from Western Digital. And so I started out rebuilding another machine and I discovered that the 300 gig drive failed a day or so after I had gotten it working. So I had to start over with that machine with a replacement drive. Then a few days ago, the SMART warning on P went off. This is where I freaked out, even though I’ve got backups. Because I don’t want to have to rely on them, see? So I try to grab a copy of everything from P over onto Q (Since Qs not that full at the moment). And I had my wife do it after a bit because I needed to go to work the next day.

Now I take the 500 gig Western Digital I purchased and try to get that drive working again. Except now it doesn”t even get past the formatting stage before it throws up SMART errors and stops working.

So now I have three failed drives. Im thinking somebody manhandled my drives on the way to me or Western Digital had a very very bad day. Not sure. Either way, I’m not happy about P dying after only 1.5 months. Either way, this is a lot easier to deal with given that I’ve got backups of just about everything. Plus, a lot of stuff’s on film, so I can just re-scan the film. But I went to Central Computer right away to pick up yet another drive.

New Rm version

I pushed a new version of Rm. This one should feature fewer bugs, but most of the truly cool parts are behind the scenes, making it much easier for me to post content. For example, being able to have a styled bookmarklet.

The Nokia N95

Finally… and I’m not going to be able to talk intelligently about it for another day or two… but I’ve got a Nokia N95 for the next few weeks to try out.