In LC order...

Ever see the movie “High Fidelity”? I haven’t. But I did see snippets of it while my parents watched it while I was over while in college.

And there’s the whole bit where Rob is organizing his records in autobiographical order, instead of chronological or alphabetical or any other order.

Well, I’m organizing my books in LC order (This is the way books are filed in the Library of Congress… and it’s LC not LoC) There’s good reasons for this. Largely because it’s a more modern design than Dewey decimal but also because the people who run the modern Dewey Decimal system are generally douchebags and really want you to have to pay to get access to enough information to actually properly shelve books in order without using an external reference.

For a long time, I was storing some of my books in our storage unit. And so I’d be reluctant to actually buy any books from certain authors at the used bookstore because I wouldn’t be sure if I checked the book out from the library or if I owned it. So I’m unpacking the packed up books from the shelves in the old place.. and the books in storage… and making sure that everything is in perfect order.

And while I’m doing this, I’m cataloging them all for my LibraryThing profile so that I can find them all again. Thus giving truth to a friend’s teasing that I haven’t yet filled a shoebox with little index cards for the card catalog.