First post in a while....

I haven’t felt motivated to post here lately, so it’s link-o-rama time…

From MIT Technology Review

“New technology typically has a five-year development cycle. The U.S. technology business stopped being serious about research in 2000 and the results are showing now.

People have a little more money but there’s nothing they want to buy. There’s nothing that makes you say, ‘Wow.” Ten years ago I was seeing something interesting every month, but now we’re touting bloated software and cute case designs as innovation.

The damage to HP and the U.S. technology industry at large may already be irreversible. If we start investing today and let our engineers play we might have something exciting to show people in 2010. That’s a long time to wait for the next big wow.

To me, this rabid fixation on short-term profits is a bigger threat than outsourcing — it is killing our ability to make astonishing things.”

I’d call that a stinging indictment of not only Carly, but what we’ve been doing today. I’ll write more about some of that later.

I’ve been putting most of my latest creativeand whatnot… output on, lately.

I love bacon. Love the stuff. That’s why rules, because you will learn that Avocado is like bacon, but for vegetarians, and how to get free bacon by amusing your butcher.

Things I’ve managed to acquire that I’ve been wanting to find for a long time:

  • 50% of the Max Headroom TV series, plus the short.
  • The Mindphaser music video
  • Electroset’s “How Does It Feel” (the first mix of Blue Monday)