Everybody makes fun of my diet at work

Everybody makes fun of my diet at work, mostly because they think I’m always eating.

See, if you go by the scale, I’m eating a lot less. I’ve managed to bend my metabolism to my will. I don’t get really hungry or fuzzy from having low blood sugar now, but I’m losing weight and eating less food. But, because they are always walking by when I’m grabbing a fairly large snack around 4 PM, my co-workers think I’m always eating and the height of gluttony.

There’s a method to my madness. See, there are two reasons why I will eat too much. First, I eat too much because it tastes so damn good and I want more. Second, I eat too much because if I don’t I’ll feel like total crap. And because I had too many situations where I’d get not quite enough lunch and have a full fledged blood-sugar crash, I started eating far more than I needed to, just in case.

Since there’s a fridge and microwave at work, I divide my lunch into two chunks. The first is the minimum amount of food I can eat to feel like I had lunch. The second chunk I’ll eat during the afternoon so I don’t run out of energy.

I don’t actually need a snack every day anymore, either. Because I decided I liked my kitchen experiments much more than the cafeteria at work, I just bring a tub of food with several days worth of food on my bike rack and my co-workers seem to be honest enough that it doesn’t get stolen. And right now, I’ve got my mother-in-law in town, which means that I generally have a decided surplus of food at work.

Either way, people see me having a fairly substantial amount of food in the afternoon and start thinking that I’m always eating.