Charlie Brown for Congress? What an asshole!

I’m pretty sure that at some point, my email address has been associated with my registration on the voter rolls because I’ve had a number of candidates email me for their campaign in my district, which, along with calling my phone number and leaving automated messages, makes my selection process easier by letting me remove them from contention.

I figure it’s kinda of like a candidate slinging mud. It shows that, no matter how much they want to look like a fair and impartial and generally nice person, deep down inside, they are an asshole.

But it’s hard to not vote for somebody when their spam list isn’t even properly constructed, such that they are spamming people who don’t even live in their district.

But, let’s take the case of the Charlie Brown for Congress campaign. I know why I got his spam because he purchased the same bad database that others have purchased that seems to contain an address in his district. It’s a database used mostly by spammers and identity thieves and occasionally by legitimate commercial concerns who are mad that nobody gives them email addresses anymore.

So I looked through Charlie’s site. And he’s a democrat, which simply goes to show that, like Spitzer, there are assholes in both parties. And I also noted that he invites people to blog about it.

So here’s my blog about Charlie: Charlie Brown, the candidate for representing the Fourth District of California, is an asshole.

And I happen to live in fourteenth district, so I can’t even vote him down.