On things changing without me really recognizing it

It’s actually fairly weird to be in the shape I’m in. See, I’m still pudgy in spots. I don’t look like a fighter jet made of biceps. But I can ride for miles and miles and I can get myself going fast.

The thing is, however, I’ve always had a fair amount of leg muscle. So I’d find myself in the situation where if I wanted to run somewhere or sprint on the bike, I’d be able to get going fairly fast, but then I’d be panting in no time.

Except now I can actually run some distance without getting tired. So I was taking pictures with the wife and didn’t want to waste time, so I ran over to the spot I thought would be more photogenic. And something in the back of my brain said “Whoa, better slow down or you’ll be out of breath.” Except that’s the way I was, not the way I am now.

There’s a vague thought in the back of my head that I really need to see exactly how far I can actually run these days.