I love writing on my cellphone

It turns out that my best writing is done in bed before I go to sleep. I tend to be the most emotionally raw and it helps as a sleep cue.

I find, much to my friend Deborah’s amusement, that the only way it works out is if I use my cellphone’s two-thumb keyboard. It’s all about cuddling up, see. My Motorola Q is small enough to snuggle like a paperback in ways that a laptop isn’t. Plus a laptop requires you to suspend and un-suspend it and, the way I thrash at night, would end up on the floor and broken. A phone even fits better on a nightstand.

About the only problem is that XHTML is hard with a tiny keyboard… although I probably should have Markdown and/or Textile formatting hooked up for other reasons…

I wrote this on my Q, to test the mobile version of things, by the way…