Books and bookshelves

So finally, after 10 months of being moved out and in my own appartment, I unpacked all of my wife and my books.

Now, for those of you who haven’t realized it yet, I LOVE books. And, to top it off, my wife LOVES books. Plus, we’re both from quite reading intensive degree programs, so we have schoolbooks, too.

I have been putting off unpacking the books simply because we didn’t have bookshelves and had other things to spend money on. But this made a mess out of one of our rooms, because there was never a place to put things. So finally, we had the money to spend on bookshelves.

Now here’s the part where just knowing my book collection and my dorm room come in. You see, I used to have one bookshelf filled when I was at home. But my book collection has changed, I’ve lost books, etc. since then. So I draw out what I’d like our spare bedroom to look like, floor plan wise. I figure there’s room for 3 bookshelves. So I go online and order 3 bookshelves. Now, I expressed to my co-workers two fears. Either three is quite a few bookshelves or three is not enough to hold our collection.

I think you can figure out what the result is. I have three bookshelves as packed as I can make them without having them fall apart. And there’s more. This includes NONE of my wife’s romance novel collection, plus a few stacks of other books that are around the house.

I’ve run some back of the envelope calculations about how many shelves I’ll need, 10 years in the future, and I don’t like what the numbers are coming up as. Especially given that now that I have a real job, my rate of book acquisition can increase.