Latest art news

Latest art showing:

Ascension 03, a benefit for the SFLNC. “Gnarled Piece of Alien Technology” will be there. I was hoping to show “Glowing Orb #1”, but unfortunately, the acrylic pyramid got damaged while I was moving stuff around. I was going to refab it anyway, now that I know what I’m doing. But I just don’t have the time. Oh well. The show is at 1015 Folsom and features performances by two of my faves last time I saw them: Circo Zero and Capacitor, among other things. I’m excited and stuff.

The Crucible is relocating to Oakland. I was worried that, like all good things, they’d fall off the face of the earth and go away. But thankfully, they will continue to exist and provide interesting new ways for me to, more or less, play with fire.

My group at work seems to be the artistic ones, or something. Oren has a short in a film festival, and Scott has had several performances at the Bazaar Cafe lately.