I’m a software engineering leader, which means I’ve spent time being a lead, manager, or principal engineer in software orginizations.

I do not speak for my employer.

I make art (some of it good), bike, cook, craft, write things, hack on interesting technological things far removed from what I do at work, and have a set of musical instruments… all of which I know how to play but most of which I’m probably seriously out of practice on at the moment. I have a rotating set of interests where I’m simultaneously obsessing over 2-3 interests out of a larger set of interests and this sometimes has me ignoring a hobby for a few years on a stretch.

I haven’t driven to work on a regular basis for a long time and that has made a huge difference for me.

I make really bad puns.

I use he pronouns.

I am probably a helpful part of any complete social justice adventuring party.