Step 7: Some friends are a cut above the rest!

I wanted to laser-cut the piece for a lower rear panel with a 8010 MCU fan and my friend-and-fellow-tinkerer CraftySorceress happens to have laser cutter access so she was nice enough to cut it for me.

I told her she’s a cut above the rest.

A/B Belts

  • I was overly generous with M2x6 BHCS screws for the rails and so I needed to do a bit of disassembly to get a few out of the rail. Oops!
  • Instead of a pre-cut belt, I get 3 meters of belt. Apparently SrgntBallistic’s one easy trick is to run one belt, leave a little excess, and then use that as the length for both. so I did that. I just wrapped a piece of blue tape around the cut mark and that worked well enough. Also, it turns out that, out of the random 3D printed spudger and poking things that I’ve printed, the spudger pencil from orax’s set was most helpful for me to get the belt going.
  • I’m not sure if I made my life harder at some point, but it really feels like the Belt Tension tool should be included as part of the “tools” subdirectory because I am really really really trying not to get my hands and wrists any more screwed up from where they are. Also, apparently the way to go is to use the Gates Carbon Belt tuner - use Motorcycle mode - because it’s presumably doing a little better at the less-guitary more-thumpy tones that a belt is going to produce.

Print bed

  • I got the Fabreeko edge-to-edge bed heater and magnet plate so I’m using those to build it out instead of the standard bed because folks were complaining about not quite being able to use the full build-plate of a zero on account of the magnets not being strong enough and the heating for the bed being a bit uneven.
  • The Fabreeko magnet plate didn’t come with holes drilled or anything, so I applied it using the instructions on the video the manual links to and then I took a 2mm drill bit, a 3mm drill bit, and a 5mm drill bit from my metric drill set and carefully manually twisted them inside of the drilled holes to get the access holes drilled.
  • The Fabreeko edge-to-edge bed heater comes with the cables all lovingly bundled with a JST connector on the end… but now I’ve gotta cut into the cable bundle because there’s a 150 degree thermostat for safety… but not a thermal fuse.



Reaching the end of the build, it feels like. I need to mount the build plate, build the toolhead, and then it’s “just” electronics. Which is good, because “Why the heck is everybody ordering 100mm and 200mm MakerBeam XLs all of the sudden?” day is coming.