Step 2: Arrival


  • The printer parts kit
  • The input shaper, klipper expander board, nevermore filter media, heat set insert tool, PET-GF filament (from Fabreko)
  • The klicky probe kit, replacement fans for what’s apparently cheap, wago connectors, extra magnets, and an extra set of shim rings.
  • The 3D printed printer parts kit.
  • A bunch of misc things that may be useful


Print-ahead parts in PETG:

Print-ahead parts in PET-GF:

Initial inspection

  • SrgntBallistic’s build noticed that the Kirigami was over-sized by 0.3-0.5mm. I did the same measurement on my kit and found that it was within tolerance - generally something closer to 0.03-0.05mm.
  • There is exactly one piece of paper documentation included, which is the spec for the steppers. Oh well, I knew that already.
  • There’s no threaded bar, just a printed nut carrier.