GLVR was a fun project I did a long time ago.

The main highlights were:

  • Pretty much the standard sort of features for a 3D engine at the time. Textures, scenes, cockpits, geometry, and resource management.
  • It was mostly intended for open environments like flight simulators and stuff.
  • It was a bit ahead of it’s time, supporting procedural texturing in 2000 via a node system, then storing the textures as bitmaps in the graphics card. I’m quite amused that now everybody does this.
  • It had terrain mapping with dynamic seamless level-of-detail.
  • I’d hacked up a vaguely realistic physics and flight model, complete with ground effect.
  • It was probably cross-platform but I’d never bothered running it outside of Windows.
  • I had an audio library using spatial audio.
  • It was written in object oriented C++ using OpenGL.

It was part of an engineering open house project.

I still have the code but it’s so far out of date as to be pretty much useless.