Debugging with Visual C++ 6.0

Sometimes I feel like I need to write things down after I’ve figured them out because, otherwise, somebody else will have to waste hours screwing with the same things I worked with.

Take for example fatal error LNK1202, which you will encounter when you want to try and set up a release-with-symbols configuration. Usually, it’ll end up griping about some file named “vc60.pdb” and you are probably using some libraries like maybe GraphicsMagick.

So it turns out that if you want to have a release-with-symbols configuration in Visual C++ and use libraries, each library needs to plan ahead for this. They need to add a /Fd”path-to-a-unique-pdb-name-here.pdb” to the compiler parameters, which, I might add, needs to be set in a fairly custom fashion and isn’t available from the user interface.

Anyway, that sucked a bunch of time, and I’m already in a bad mood because it’s review season.

(Oh, and yes, I know that Visual C++ 6.0 is very old. However, I do happen to own it and haven’t felt like upgrading just yet)