Still working on the narrative

I’m still working a little bit on the narrative of the site and how to make it clear what’s what.

I’ve noticed that people didn’t quite get the way the interface worked at first and once I added the more intelligent paginated index pages and tag searching of an area, it didn’t get any better.

I discovered that the way I laid out the tagging and archives on Wirehead Arts doesn’t quite work here. So my first layout that was stolen from a grid-based layout there just ended up looking weird and ugly and causing formatting problems because this site uses a floating layout, not a grid-layout. Even the sidebar floats.

One side goal between this site and Wirehead Arts is to avoid some of the problems with most content management systems, which is that the CMS tends to force you into a particular look. It’s so easy to tell somebody used Drupal or Zope/Plone or most other engines. I don’t like that.

Then I remembered that Jakob Nielsen had declared that people actually scroll now, so I just moved the blog stuff to the top and the “how to get to the archives” to the bottom, which works much better for the sort of floating layouts I’ve got here.