New web content engine, part 9

I notice that an essential part of every coding session is refactoring. I got rid of some really ancient code that only made sense for the version of Rm that was XSLT-driven this time around and has been sitting there ever since.

I realized that I was getting ticked off about not having a good way to embed the content of one page in another, so I fixed that. In fact, most of my recent changes to Rm have been things that have been annoying me while I was adding content to my site.

So now there’s methods on the page objects to generate a quick embeddable summary at a variety of sizes, as well as a cut-down harder-to-abuse framework for all pages to use (especially now that REXML is no longer screwing up my XML generation performance).

I also made myself some bookmarklets, including one that works enough like the bookmarklet that I’m now posting pages to my site instead of there. I’ll finish moving stuff over one of these days, as well as all of the bike content from Vox over to here and refactoring all of the old content so that the statically linked images that I was using in the past are now maintained through the site.