Rainbow carrots

Rainbow carrots

I joined a CSA with a super-convenient delivery location. The idea behind CSA groups is that I buy a percentage of the output of one or more farms and thus receive a bunch of locally-grown in-season organic produce.

It’s huge hit in the bay area, because we’re all a bunch of enviro-hippie locovores. To a fault, which explains why people drive their Prius five miles when a bike will do just fine.

This particular CSA gives you a bit of control over what shows up. Out of what’s presently available and in season, I get to pick what I want in my box… and if everybody wants one particular thing, I pick out some alternates.

So these are rainbow carrots. They range from light yellow to purple. And they came with greens (which never happens in this enlightened food-wasting era) so I used everything out of my shipment that wasn’t going into food and a few pieces of veggies to make some veg broth.

The thing I noticed is that, after too many years of convenience baby carrots, as I was chopping ‘em up for salad, I could smell the richest carrot-y aroma I’ve smelled in years. Took me all of the way back to my mom’s kitchen when I was growing up.