PlanetBike Rack Blinky

One of the few lights that will mount on a back rack… or at least mount on my back rack. There’s a little plastic bracket that the light slides into and it’s the same size and shape as most of PlanetBike’s other lights.

It’s also one of the few lights that has a CPSC reflector. Now, I think that the CPSC reflector standard is pretty lame, but it’s better than nothing at all. California law says that all bikes at night need a reflector and says nothing about a light. I tend to think that reflector-lights such as this are good because they still have some effect if they break or the battery wears out.

It’s brighter than the Cateye TL-LD500.

My main complaint is that takes two AAA batteries instead of AA batteries. AA batteries would give it a longer battery life and also mean that I could only keep AA spares.