PlanetBike SuperFlash

This is the gold standard of blinkie rear lights. It’s the same size as the PlanetBike Blinky 7, but it’s incredibly bright when it blinks. Pretty much, it’s got a tiny circuit board, the LEDs, and two AAA batteries and if it was any smaller, it would feel too small. There’s no reflector, which generally means that you want either a reflector or a reflector-light if you want to be legal.

Oddly, they seem to use a different switch in the SuperFlash than they do in the Blinky 7, because my SuperFlash is much more likely to be accidentally triggered than the Blinky 7 was.

There are two models of it, one that has a red lens and white body and one that has a clear lens and a black body, but there doesn’t seem to be any functional difference between the two.

Like all PlanetBike hardware, the packaging is minimalist in a good way. I used the plastic clip to keep it on my bag. There’s also a ring to mount it to a seatpost or seatstay and an arm strap that I never used.

Mine was destroyed in a crash and I wouldn’t expect it to withstand that sort of impact.