PlanetBike Blinky 7

I got this as a backup because the only PlanetBike SuperFlash lights at the bike store closest to me when my ViewPoint FlashPoint light died came as a set. Before the SuperFlash came out, it was probably cooler, but the SuperFlash kind of redefined what a rear light ought to be like. It’s about the same size as the SuperFlash, but isn’t quite as bright. Nor does it have a reflector. Nor does it have anything other than a plain blink pattern. It gets great battery life out of two AAA batteries and is small and inexpensive and reliable, however.

Like all PlanetBike hardware, the packaging is minimalist in a good way. I used the plastic clip to keep it on my bag. There’s also a ring to mount it to a seatpost or seatstay and an arm strap that I never used.

Eventually I gave it to somebody who had no lights.