I’m in a state of transition here about websites, so this page is a little blank right now. You can see my art on Wirehead Arts and on Flickr.

Being an artist is just as much a part of who I am as being a programmer.

Throughout time, I’ve done a number of different forms of art. The first “good” artwork I’ve done was spaceships and some 3D graphics. I took some serious classes in college where I learned how to do fairly complex graphics in Maya.

I pretty much dropped 3D graphics after college. I had failed to find any jobs in the games and special effects field that I was comfortable with, so I settled to work at a software firm where I did vaguely graphical stuff but worked reasonable hours and didn’t sweat about getting laid off. After moving out to Silicon Valley and talking to people who worked in the field (note that this was years before the ea_spouse thing came out) I kinda realized that I hadn’t really failed to find a job in the field as much as I had unintentionally been given a blessing in disguise. I figured I’d continue screwing with it, but I wanted to upgrade computers first and didn’t get around to doing it.

But I still had artistic interests. In 2002, I discovered the Crucible and took some classes in neon. Then I decided I was sick of not being able to draw people, so I took a figure drawing class, followed by a welding class. Then I discovered pottery.

In 2005, my wife got a digital camera and I got a flickr account, which has so far heavily defined the 2005-2007 artistic timeframe. I had my first gallery showing of my photography in 2005, so I set up as a “professional” artistic page for people to link to.


Weird Logos
I make weird logos for stuff sometimes...


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