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Five random Thoughts

  1. I've upgraded my CMS to the latest version, now search works. Yay.
  2. My good friend Michael has an interesting take on the traditional Catholic Lenten observance. It's important to understand that the bible doesn't specify that a person must observe Lent in any detail, this is a tradition and a communal form of worship and thus can and has changed over time to be re-interpreted. In the days of old, seafood was the poor man's food. Only rich folk could actually afford to eat meat. Thus, many centuries ago, the fathers of the church decided to enjoin the believers to eat cheaply, to promote a spirit of self-denial, meditation, and reflection. But, in these modern days of industrialized cattle ranching, meat is now the cheap food and fish is an expensive luxury. We've gone quite far from those days and now many Catholics are consuming expensive seafood meals without any spirit of reflection or self-denial. His argument, is that a more correct observation of this in a modern age is to eat simply and humbly, something I agree with. I also tend to think that the practices of self-denial and reflection are far too important to be confined to a particular season or occasion.
  3. I feel like light aircraft pilots have a similar standard conversation that we cyclists have. "You fly small planes? Isn't that unsafe?" "You bike to work? Isn't that unsafe?".
  4. I don't know what training like an Olympian or competing like an Olympian or anything like that is like. I do know what doing laundry like an Olympian must be like. When I run a load of "technical fabrics" through the wash, you aren't supposed to use fabric softener or dryer sheets because it'll ruin the super-fancy properties of the fabrics. So, when I unload the dryer, there is an amazing amount of static electricity to be had.
  5. I had a Sausage McMuffin the other day because we were running low on time. I remember when I used to think they tasted good. Now, they are just bland compared to my homemade sausage and homemade bread and fancy selection of cheeses.