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In the words of Douglas Adams, “I’m just zis guy, ya know?”

By trade, I’m a programmer. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a CS degree. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’m married to a wonderful woman named Supriya.

I have far too many hobbies. I love science fiction. I play a few musical instruments and write music. I create art. I code recreationally. I love to cook.

I’m a total Gearhead. I love working with technology, new gadgets, and stuff. I’ve been around computers since I was four. I remember Java before it was hyped. I had a webpage before most people heard of the web. I got in to the whole web thing when all you needed to know was how to say “Oh yeah, I know HTML” and you could get paid $100/hour. While I didn’t become a dotcom millionaire, I did manage to get out of that line of work before the crash hit.


I still tinker around with my webpages and the Internet because I still think it’s pretty neat, naturally. I was one of the first high school students at my school to carry an electronic organizer and a laptop. I want to buy a webpad and a new personal organizer with wireless ethernet mostly because I want my lifestyle to work a little more like Star Trek or something. I would probably let a computer schedule and organize my life for me, provided that I wrote the AI to do it. I draw the line at puppetheads, however. I would not be the first person on the block with a jack in the back of my head. I will be quite annoyed if I don’t get to go up to orbit before I croak.

Sometimes, I fear that I’ve just built my life around Real Genius.

Politically, I’m a cynical moderate, which means that I think like a borderline liberal but figure that the liberals will just screw things up so I end up rooting for the borderline conservatives instead.