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GLVR screenshot

GLVR is a 3D library for entertainment virtual reality. It is mostly intended for games, but I also use it to try out ideas and do personal research. The nice thing is that I can unplug and plug new components in without changing the base architecture. For example, When I went from standard texture maps to procedural texturing, it didn’t require any architectural changes.

If you would like, you can download the 07.30.00 snapshot of HoverFire.


It’s more-or-less platform independent although right now, I’ve only been using it under Windows 95/98/NT/2k. I plan on at least porting it to Linux.

Currently working features are:

It is all written in object oriented C++. Right now I’m using GLUT to handle the windowing system, although that will likely change, most likely to wxWindows.

Want to see it?

I've created a demonstration game in GLVR, called HoverFire. It would have been the first GLVR game; this is a mere demonstration of what HoverFire will be like. It already features a flight model and demonstrates the procedural texturing and dynamic level of detail features.

Download HoverFire demo game