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Riding a Century(via)
A guide as to what you need to be able to do if you want to ride a Century (100 mi) on a bike.
mechBgon's info page on cycling visibility(via)
Another page on lighting the bike at night
Ken Kifer's Bike Pages(via)
A bunch of notes about biking and bike touring and even philosophy.
Emergency Bike Repair(via)
Another nice guide to what to do when something breaks and you are in the middle of nowhere.
Bicycle South tech tips for bicycles(via)
A nice set of instructions about how to deal with bike problems.
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition(via)
My local biking organization.
Bay Area Bicycle Coalition(via)
The collective voice of the different local bike coalitions
Bicycles and Insurance FAQ(via)
Information about bicycling and insurance. Very handy.
Bike Whenever(via)
Notes about how to commute in any conditions
Bike Forums(via)
A good haunt for cyclists.
Sheldon Brown's pages(via)
One of the most useful pages about bicycling on the Internet.