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This is what's wrong with America today

So, I had a great ride a few weekends ago. I'm saving the best story for last, tho...


It was 75 miles. Stopped at Psycho Donuts for a donut. Stopped at Roy's Station for a smoothie. Biked up Mt. Hamilton except for the last 5 miles of it, and was actually able to keep up with two roadies. I wanted to see if I could climb using only my middle ring, because that's more-or-less the gearing I'd expect to see on the granny side of a road bike and I did just fine that way. Had a burrito and some ice cream on the way home, told one of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls that I feared more for the bartenders than the roller girls in the jello wrestling event they were promoting.

And I felt fine the rest of the weekend. 75 miles used to be ambitious. Now it's a reasonable weekend ride.

I saved the best for last, however. You want to know what happened to me while I was riding through San Jose?

Two people in a car pulled up beside me and one of them asked me if they could borrow a few dollars for gas.

Yep, that's pretty much what's wrong with America today, right there in that moment. I mumbled something about not carrying any cash. The girl who asked commented on how I was riding a bike. They drove off. I rode off and stopped the next block to twitter what just happened, and that was that. It still cracks me up, thinking about it.