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2011 200km Lighthouse brevet prep

I'm signed up for the Point Reyes brevet with the San Francisco Randonneurs next weekend. This was, for a while, a cause of a certain amount of bellyaching. See, I'd put off registering for the brevet for a while for various reasons... and then I saw the email saying that all of the 150 slots had been filled. I freaked out, asked to be added to the waiting list, got #1, and got an email yesterday saying that I was part of the main roster.

I've never done a full 200km brevet on my new road bike yet, so this will be a bit of an experiment. For the most part, I'm at the same level of fitness or better as I was last year... and last year I did it on a mountain bike... so I'm not expecting too many problems.

On the other hand, I logged a max speed of 38.7 mph going over cattleguards, and I don't think my road bike is up for that.

Either way, the best way to follow my progress, complete with geotags, is my twitter feed.

My plan goes something like this: