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Four car keys

So I managed to misplace my set of keys while in Borrego Springs. There were a few places they could be, and it turns out they were at a restaurant we had dinner at after the ride. The restaurant served Italian food (good stuff, too) and seems to have an entirely Asian staff.

Since I couldn't get in touch with them until we were back home, I had to do all of the talking over the phone. English was not their first language. I tried to describe my keys to them, and they told me they knew who I was and that I had four car keys.

I was assuming that some of my other keys would look a little like car keys, so I spent the next several days hoping that I had the correct set of keys on the way to me.

It turns out that each of my U-lock keys counts as a car key. I guess if you consider that my bike is how I get to work.....