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Second bikeavaersary

Two years ago, today, I walked into a bike store and rode out on a new bike, with the idea that it was fairly stupid to be driving 10 miles to work when I could bike 5 miles and take the train the rest of the way. I figured that I'd save money and get some exercise. Because I knew the summer immediately before I got my driver's license but worked two part-time jobs (one making pizzas and the other assembling PCs) that I biked to... I had a good degree of physical fitness.

I'd tried dieting to lose weight. Didn't do much.

I'd tried going to the gym. Didn't stick with it.

But biking, I've stuck with. See, if you are going to start a life change like this, you need to be able to keep with it for a few months. It's 6 months before you start to look different. And biking is fun enough to stick with.

So, yeah. I'm a lot thinner. I'm a lot more muscular. I look a lot better.

My back used to be a little temperamental. If I didn't adjust my chair right, it would start to hurt. I shouldn't have a bad back at my age. The last time my back did complain at me, it was after about 60 miles of chip-and-seal roads on the bike.

For the past sixteen years, I had blood sugar problems. If I ate too much sugar, my body would overreact and I'd have a blood sugar crash. It's called reactive hypoglycemia. Except that I don't have it anymore. Last Sunday, I had a Psycho Donut for breakfast with a piece of toast. I didn't feel great, on account of having a fairly unhealthy breakfast. But I didn't have a blood sugar crash, either. I'm really excited about this. Old habits die hard, so it feels really weird to be having sweets whenever I want.

Also, I've been skipping out on anything that makes health claims (Less fat! Reduces cholesterol! Colon Health!) and don't take any supplements. Still losing weight and my cholesterol is fine.

My brain works better, too. Less fake-smiles because I don't want to explain why I feel meh for no good reason, more real smiles. No pills needed there, either.

Yeah, one of the better decisions I've ever made. :)