A very topical book for right now: The Stainless Steel Rat for President

Right now, you should go to your library or go to amazon.com and get this book. It’s very topical and you’ll probably spend a bunch of time in the next two months laughing over how you are reminded of the scenes instead of crying because you hate both candidates.

My thoughts on The Stainless Steel Rat For President

So, who knew that a book written in 1982 would be almost two decades ahead of it’s time. The plot? Well, a planet is lead by a ruler who >cough< is voted into office every four years by rigged electronic voting machines, has secret police, controls the media, etc.

It’s great.

It is guilty of the standard cliche where a part of Earth (South America) is stretched out to cover a complete planet. On the other hand, the careful insertion of Spanish words and cultural bits is good for making it feel like somewhere in the Latin world.

Um, you know that the Stainless Steel Rat is going to win. Because it’s just that kind of a series. And Harry Harrison loves to soft-sell you on what I assume is his Esperanto-Atheist thinking. But the real fun is living briefly in the Stainless Steel Rat’s head.

But to think that in 1982 somebody would point out why electronic voting was so bad… That’s kinda cool.