Random Stories

Random stories:

  • It’s interview season. However, all of the good stories are the sort of thing that’s not professional or legally advisable to post on my webpage. We’ve all got some really good ones, too. I’ve got some great stories about something else that I feel like I really shouldn’t be disclosing outside of work, either.
  • My cow-orker Oren “Call me Owen” Kaplan has a page on IMDB. Because I was listed as doing the soundtrack but didn’t actually end up having my soundtrack in the movie, I’ve been campaigning that in his future movies, I be listed for other random things I didn’t do.
  • At the company holiday party, I got introduced as a programmer and artist on the side to everybody’s SO. I’m not sure if that was a “Oh, he does cool art,” or a “Oh, he’s like the dude who paints with his forehead with fingerpaints and I think he’s a whacko”. I do make a point of bringing in my neon art and keeping it in my cubicle at work. There’s actually two reasons. First, I’m proud of it. Second, my wife humbly requests that our apartment not look like Las Vegas. It’s not a formal part of the tour, but it does result in people who are visiting or new stopping when they walk by. It should also be noted that when you visit my apartment, there is an art tour.
  • Another “party report” from the Shipyard is on the way. I just need to write it.
  • I lost on NaNoWriMo. I think it’s kinda like loosing on Jeopardy, except without the Weird Al song. I got 26k and ran out of steam. And real life intruded. Kiki tells me that the point isn’t actually good writing. I was discussing with her trying to figure out if you want… say… Aluminum and then working back to fabricate every ingredient, even including things like fluxes and refractories and whatnot. The sad part is that I know enough about chemistry and engineering to understand stuff. So I was discussing why you’d have steel on a colony world but not necessarily aluminum and then she scolded me for thinking too much. ;)
  • I’ve been repeatedly invoking Strong Bad Techno at work.
  • People are viewing my RSS feed and my various rants. Mostly people who I don’t know. Which is generally why nobody has ever heard of my weird creations. You are supposed to p1mp it to your friends and take advantage of the six degrees of freedom. Except that I figure that they’ve got better stuff to do, so I just let people find it. My sister-in-law is mad at me because I went to see Liz Phair without telling her. ;)
  • I googlebombed myself onto #1 for “Hate Thinkpad”. The new version doesn’t work any better than the old version did. Oops. I need to figure out something interesting to googlebomb myself as, so I can use my powers of googlebombing for evil rather than.. ehrm… evil.
  • One of these days, I’m going to buy up Stabalize.net and run a parody of stabilize.net (run by my boss) on it.