Four annoying things that gnaw at the back of my consciousness

  • My new MacBook Pro’s audio. It’s my work machine, not something I paid for. I got upgraded a month or two ago because my old mac was mysteriously crashing. And it was several years old, so they just gave me a new one in lieu of debugging it. But there’s enough background noise while listening to headphones that I can tell that Apple is turning the analog side off when the audio subsystem isn’t in use. It’s causing me to wonder if I should get a better USB audio interface.
  • Both my iPad and my Droid have the concept of folders of pictures. Neither one seems to give me the ability to sort pictures into folders on the device, however. At first, I thought it was just Apple’s oversimplification. But now I’m seriously questioning both design teams.
  • -black highlighter mark goes here-
  • I can’t find tires to my specifications at bike stores. This isn’t that hard, really. For my roadie, 700x25’s with reflective sidewalls and no tread. For my MTB, I’m in the process of re-configuring things such that I’ve got 26x1.75 in back and something a bit wider in front. Also with reflective sidewalls. I compromised on tread for my new set of road tires because otherwise there were exactly zero tires to buy. And so I’ve been not riding my MTB because the tires I ordered online for the MTB haven’t shown up yet.

On the bright side, my computer is almost to the point where it is fully functional.