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In the world of the web, a year is a long time. Two years is an eternity. Four years is forever. WireWorld is over a decade old, having been up since 1994 or so.

The history

Wireworld started in 1994. It started out as a lowly little Wirehead Information Center which would pop up if you fingered me on GREX. After some mutations, it became WireWorld. It was all text, because all I had was lynx, and grex didn't want you to host graphics on there, anyways. But that was version 1.0 of WireWorld.

See, I've only had a PPP connection since around 1995. Before that, I was stuck with either using text-based methods, or, on occasion, using somebody else's computer.

And at that point, in 1995, I moved my page over to OneNet. That became 1.1 through 1.5, which progressively featured more and more graphics and different methods of navigation. 1.1 was the first version that actually had multiple pages. Eventually, parts of it needed to be split off into seperate sites.

In 1998, I moved my homepage, for only the second time, to my domain name, www.wirewd.com. That became version 2.0.

I did a redesign with some cosmetic changes in 2000, to make version 2.1. In 2001, I graduated college. I also finally shut down Wirehead Web Designs, got rid of many pages, and merged most of the rest into the currently existing site.

I started using XML in 2001 because I wanted to tool around with XML and XSLT. In 2002, I went back and started from scratch again to make it a little more integrated. I'm also using a whole chunk of DOM coding with Python to generate various pages, plus an SQL database so that you can read various ruminations of mine.

In 2004, the ISP that I had pretty much left everything on for no reason other than nothing had broken and so therefore it didn't require attention had problems. Real problems. I asked my friend B.P. what to do about it and he pointed me at Linode, so I went from Windows to Linux. I rewrote everything in PHP as fast as I could and didn't bother to actually port the editing and administration interface over to PHP because phpPgAdmin was good enough for the moment. I intended to rewrite chunks of it in some other language at my convenience. I had given up on the ASP/PHP model where you had one big HTML-ish page with code interpolated between bits of text.

It turned out that the language that had the nicest looking HTML generation engine that was in Debian Stable at that point in time (that looked like a piece of XML generation code I had dashed off at work to make my life easier) was Ruby's CGI library. So I switched from Python to Ruby for no real good reason.

I started work on another web-based project but got distracted and decided I'd dash off a new content management real quick. So, between 2004 and 2007, I worked on this framework. Soon, my posting here trailed off because I didn't want to make the job of porting everything any harder. Also, I got very active on Flickr.com and concentrated on getting www.wireheadarts.com up and popular.

The big first stage of the rewrite ended in 2007. At the same time, I decided that there's too much extraneous old content that's also totally out of date on my site, so I sat down with all of the pages on my site and decided to smush all of them down into a single, unified, useful piece of data for people to see.