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Being uncomfortable about things people assume I believe.. or... a resolution to piss more people off

One of my... well, you might call them resolutions I guess... for the new year is to piss more people off.

Now, I write a lot. There's arguably a reason why I took one for my team and helped the tech writer add more sections to our documentation and that's because I really do like to write text.

But.. I've got this pile of text. And some of why I don't post it is because it just isn't meant to be posted publicly. I kept a journal for a few years in high school, tapered off as college went on, then started keeping it again. And so there's little things like a reminder that I can search for later when I last picked up a pair of shoes, so I'd know that my shoes lasted me two years instead of just one. Or stuff that I have no right to tell, but that I want to remember that I was told. Or just how I feel, so I can kinda gauge how my mood has changed over time.

But I've got a lot of stuff that I was either too lazy or too afraid to post. And there's nothing more frustrating than writing about something with a lot of passion, never actually posting it, and then realizing that if you did, you'd be reacting to something that happened last year. Now, being too lazy or otherwise occupied is one thing.. but I'm sick of being afraid to post. There are things that mean a lot to me, that I was somehow irrationally afraid to post.

But it's better to be damned for who you are, is it not? One of my friends assumed that I was against gay marriage and told me he approved of something he'd interpreted to mean the exact opposite of what I meant.

And I'm ruled by very strong passions. Cycling and music and art and really good yet humble food and hacking and gizmos. And I get emotional about stuff and, frankly, it comes out best in the written form because some things make me get a bit irrationally worked up so I just clam up instead of talking about them.

Now, I'm posting things out of a proper order, because this would have been a decent way to introduce yesterday's bombshell. Oh well.

Speaking of yesterday's post, I have one story to add. One of my friends mentioned, after reading it, that it was probably good that I got it off my chest. And I told him that it wasn't so much that I wanted to get it off my chest, but that I wanted to make other people think.

And I feel like I've often had a unique point of view about things. My coworkers wonder why I've been running around saying "It's time for blood, it's time for war, it's time for TEA" since last Friday or any number of other things that I will randomly and somewhat mysteriously talk about. I've been on a lot of adventures and tried a lot of things. So I figure that I've got something to say and that I can do better than merely bothering people with endless dick and fart jokes.